Think of your domain name as your online business address. It’s the place that people will go to see your website and it’s also probably going to be the main part of your business email address.

Our domain name is That means you can visit our website at or email one of our staff members using that domain name, like (probably best not to tell Ben we used him as an example).

Anyway it’s the same for you. Create a domain that reflects your business as it will soon become an important part of your online identity.

Your domain name not only provides a home for your website and email addresses, it also gives your business authority and professionalism.


Buying a domain

To buy your domain name you’ll need to choose a provider. Prices and ease of use will vary across the platforms. You may feel most comfortable going with a popular provider to buy your domain name like Go Daddy, FreeParking or Spark.

Your domain name is a way of securing part of your business brand so try and get one that best suits your business. Don’t panic though if someone else has already got your preferred domain name, that just means you’ve chosen such a great name that someone else got there before you. Get creative by using a different ending in your domain name like .kiwi instead of or think outside the box and see if there’s another way you could word your domain. Just remember it needs to be easy for people to find and simple to type.


Once you have a domain

Ok, so once you’ve bought your domain you need to tell it to point to your Putti website so that everyone can see your site and you can start growing your business!

We’re pretty flexible around here so we’ve provided instructions for how to direct your domain name through any of the three providers we mentioned above.

These instructions are the same whether or not you’re connecting your domain name to a website for the first time or if you already had it pointing to a domain and now want to direct it to a new one instead.


Connecting your domain

Please visit our tutorial page for instructions on how to connect your domain name to your website.